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Community Renewable Energy Waterloo is a local non-profit organization dedicated to making renewable energy accessible to the citizens of Waterloo Region. Our VISION is to be a network of knowledgeable advocates, early adopters and interested citizens who initiate, resource and support all local projects that encourage energy conservation and sustainable use of energy or materials from naturally regenerating sources, such as wind, solar and earth energy.

Members & Directors

CREW Board of Directors

A description of our activities and leadership can be found interspersed throughout our News and Events page, and through the various menus shown on the left. New members are welcome to join at any time, although we request that each member be in good standing prior to our annual general meeting, which is usually held in May.

Joining Crew

Click here to use our online form to join CREW. A PDF version of the membership application [PDF 30Kb] is available that can be mailed in or submitted with payment at any CREW event or meeting.

CREW working groups and affiliates:

The Power $aving Network: Founded in the past year by Stephen Dixon, principal of TdS Dixon Inc (Know Energy) with active participants and leaders Rebecca Shewfelt (Lakes Environmental), Trent Bauman (secretary), Beth Hobson, and Rick Williams. This group developed this innovative program which includes electricity load assessment toolkits designed to help ratepayers identify and reduce their electricity consumption. The development was actively supported by advisory council members Sandra Mooibroek of CREW, Mary Jane Patterson of REEP and Joe Mancini of the Working Centre. The CREW P$N Electricity Self Audit Tool Kit is now available for borrowing FREE at all libraries across the Region.

CREWwind: CREW continues to advocate for standard offer contracts and community owned wind power projects, through letters and presentations to MPPs, op-ed pieces in the local paper and on-going information and member sharing with neighbouring co-operatives L.I.F.E. and Countryside Energy. Key leaders of these groups who are also members of CREW include Linda Laepple (L.I.F.E. president), Derek Satnik (former L.I.F.E. director), Yvonne Zyma (L.I.F.E. communications) and Doug Fyfe (General Manager of Countryside Energy Co-operative).

CREWsolar: Although this group does not meet regularly, industry expertise available to the group includes CREW members drawn from at least 7 local solar distribution and installation companies, REEP and the University of Waterloo. CREWsolar is participating in a provincial Community Solar Initiatives group organized by the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association. Currently, CREW is promoting local solar photovoltaic projects, encouraging purchasers of earth energy systems to augment domestic hot water with solar thermal, encouraging local builders to offer "solar-ready" packages to new home buyers, and has actively advocated for elimination of property tax increases and small generator charges that reduce the economic viability of solar projects.

CREWgreen: The Green-Building group meets to share knowledge and updates on various aspects of designing and constructing environmentally sustainable buildings, especially homes. Leaders include Mary Jane Patterson (executive director of Waterloo Region Green Solutions and manager of REEP), Derek Satnik and John Sanderson. Regular members include Trent Bauman (of Menno S. Martin Construction) and in recent past, Chantal Cornu (executive director of Grand House Co-op, a straw bale residence building project associated with the UW School of Architecture), local energy advisors, trades people, and individuals looking for ideas about how to build their own sustainable home.

CREWearth: Ground-source heating systems - leaders are Glen Woolner and Janek Jagiellowicz (former board member). Both have done personal geothermal heating/cooling installations. Although this group has not met recently, members "on tap" include Kris Stinson (of Eden Energy), Luke Hatherton (of NextEnergy), Glen created a PowerPoint and video-documentary of the innovative Woolner residence integrated solar hot water and geothermal installation that saw the initiation of an urban setting small footprint sonic drilling rig being used.