CREW KIDS is an educational outreach program initiated by Community Renewable Energy Waterloo (CREW). It was designed as an educational supplement to the grade 5/6 Ontario Science Curriculum, specifically, the grade 5 Conservation of Energy and Resources Unit, and the Grade 6, Electricity and Electrical Devices Unit. Lessons are specifically linked to the overall and specific learning expectations as set out by the ministry.

The scope of the program is to provide a hands-on experience that allows students to monitor and record their daily electricity consumption. Equipped with this data, students apply calculations that determine monthly and yearly energy consumption in kWhs and the corresponding dollar figures. Students are then challenged to create energy saving strategies for their households. Additionally, this exercise provides the catalyst for making important connections regarding energy production, carbon footprints, conservation, renewable energy and the transitioning to a lower carbon economy.

This educational supplement is delivered with the intent of encouraging creative, innovative, collaborative problem solving. Students are encouraged to become champions for a collective cause for they will, in all likelihood, be part of the low carbon, clean and smart economy.