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Help the federal government take action on climate

Support human rights.

(Credit: David Russo via Flickr)

The Government of Canada is asking for your advice on how to address climate change. You have until June 1 to submit your ideas about what actions are needed to tackle the defining issue of our time.

To help you, here are the top four things we believe the government should do to speed action on climate change now:

  1. Phase out coal power for electricity and invest in renewable energy projects like wind and solar power.
  2. Cut emissions from transportation by providing funds specifically for improving and expanding public transit networks across the country, building better infrastructure for cycling and walking, and providing charging stations for electric vehicles.
  3. Offer support for homeowners and businesses to improve energy efficiency in buildings by providing incentives for renovations that cut energy waste.
  4. Put a price on carbon emissions that applies to every province and territory to encourage polluters to become more efficient and speed the transition to clean technologies.

Yes - I will share my ideas

Canada has invested for too long in fossil fuel infrastructure — including pipelines — and money used to expand these projects today only delays the critical transition to a clean economy for tomorrow. The strategy Canada develops now to tackle climate change will affect the lives of Canadians far into the future, so it is important for all of us to speak up.

Visit the government’s website and share your ideas.

We have the solutions and the opportunity to cut carbon emissions and build a stronger, clean-energy economy, but we need to act now!


Steve Kux
Climate and Clean Energy Communications and Research Specialist
David Suzuki Foundation


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