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Solar made EASY

Solar systems have become a tried and tested form of energy production in many areas around the globe, including the province of Ontario. With the passing of the Green Energy Act, Ontario is now one of the most attractive jurisdictions in North America for individual home owners, businesses and co-op's to start producing their own clean energy and making a difference for the environment and the fight against air pollution and climate change.

There are two common technologies that are available for harnessing the sun's energy. They are PV (photovoltaic) which produces electricity and solar thermal which heats water or air. Both systems consist of solar panels which are mounted on the roof of homes and businesses or ground mounted on poles. Introductions to the various technologies can be found at CanREA, the Canadian Renewable Energy Alliance, and the Ontario Go Solar site.

The Ontario government, through the Green Energy Act has created the FIT and microFIT programs which pay Ontario green energy producers, including home owners, a premium for the electricity they produce. This makes owning a solar PV system not only affordable, but has a return on investment better than a standard GIC. The contracts signed with the government are for a 20 year period, guaranteeing the value of your solar investment.

CREW has created the "CREW SIDE" program to make purchasing a solar system easier. We have established a list of recommended Ontario solar vendors through extensive research based on a variety of criteria. Click the following link to access the CREW SIDE information package.

Help keep this segment up to date! CREW is interested in tracking PV and/or solar thermal installations within the region; please email with your Waterloo region solar project stats or stories