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Ontario rEVs Up Support for Electric Vehicles - May 16, 2016 - Potential $285 Million for Electric Vehicles

Plug'n Drive
Potential $285 Million for Electric Vehicles
Hot off the heels of a $20 million investment in electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, Ontario continues its relentless drive toward a low-carbon economy with a potential $7 billion climate plan package.
An article in yesterday's Globe and Mail leaked some possible highlights of Ontario's Climate Change Action plan. The full plan is expected to be released in June. Until then, the following items are proposed:
  • Dropping Ontario's portion of  HST (8%) from new EV purchases. This is in addition to the existing EV incentive of up to $14,000 off a new EV purchase and $1,000 off a home charging station purchase and installation
  • A subsidy program for low and moderate income households to replace gas cars more than 12 years old with emissions-free electric cars
  • FREE electricity when charging at home overnight.
  • Revisions to current rules that make it easier for condo and apartment buildings to install charging stations 
  • Possible changes to the building code that mandate EV charging capabilities in all new buildings
  • Charging station installations at government buildings, including LCBOs and Service Ontario centres
  • A "Lake Ontario Electric Loop" in partnership with New York State with charging stations in Toronto, Kingston, Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo and Niagara Falls
  • Other important investments to make buildings and homes more energy efficient and less reliant on fossil fuels
This potential plan sets targets of expanding electric vehicle sales to 5 per cent of all vehicles sold by 2020 and up to 12 per cent by 2025 with the aim of getting an electric or hybrid vehicle in every multi-vehicle driveway by 2024.
If these proposals make it into the final climate plan, Plug'n Drive is very much in support of this critical investment that will pay dividends in terms of emission reductions and local jobs. By switching off fossil fuels and using locally made, low-emitting and affordable electricity of which we have a surplus at night, Ontario is laying the groundwork for achieving its emission reductions targets.
If you don't already drive an electric car, there's no better time than now to get behind the wheel. Plug'n Drive encourages you to take a test drive at a Plug'n Drive event near you or call us at 647-717-6941 to arrange a workplace Lunch and Learn for your employees.


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